Make Learning Fun and Engaging

Discover Fresh Tools and Engaging Content for Creative Ideas to Make Learning Fun

Teaching the Future Progressive Tense in an Engaging Way

Interactive ideas for teaching the future progressive tense through charades, predictions, comics and a board game.

Teach object pronouns in a fun way

Various activities like charades, games, worksheets and videos to help students learn object pronouns hands-on.

How to Teach Adverbial Clauses in a Fun Way

Teaching adverbial clauses creatively through activities like charades, board games, videos and worksheets.

How to Teach Past Progressive in a Fun Way

Creative activities to make teaching the past progressive grammar point engaging for students through charades, drawing, games and more.

Teaching Present Perfect and Simple Past in a Fun and Engaging Way

Use interactive tools like Padlet, Kahoot, Edpuzzle to make grammar lessons engaging

How to Teach Inversion in a Fun Way

Make learning inversion engaging for students with games, worksheets, comics, and silly sentences.

How to Teach Simple Present in a Fun Way

Various games and activities to teach simple present tense in an engaging manner like Bingo, charades and crafts.

Teaching Personal Pronouns in a Fun and Engaging Way

Ideas for activities, games and worksheets to teach personal pronouns creatively like pronoun charades, scavenger hunts, relay races and more.

Teaching Countable and Uncountable Nouns in a Fun and Engaging Way

Creative activities and games to make learning countable vs. uncountable nouns interactive and fun for students.

Teaching Conditional Sentences Type 3 in a Fun Way

Creative games and activities to help students grasp conditional sentences type 3.

How to Teach Present Perfect Simple in a Fun Way

Varied interactive methods for teaching present perfect simple through crafts, games, roleplaying and digital tools.

Teaching Adverbs in a Fun Way

Provide creative and engaging ways to teach comparative and superlative adverbs through games, videos, poetry and more.

Teaching Conditional Sentences Type 2 in a Fun and Engaging Way

Creative ways to teach conditional sentences including games, digital tools and drawing prompts to engage students.

Teaching Singular and Plural in a Fun Way

Creative ideas to make teaching singular vs plural engaging and memorable with hands-on crafts, games and digital activities.

How to Teach Relative Pronouns in a Fun Way

Creative ways to make relative pronoun instruction memorable through interactive tools like Padlet, Kahoot and Edpuzzle

Simple Past Storyboard

Students draw pictures and write captions using simple past verbs.

How to Teach Present Perfect Progressive in a Fun Way

Using hands-on activities, games and real examples to teach an ongoing grammar tense.

Past Perfect Tic Tac Toe

Students answer questions or write sentences correctly to earn X's and O's.

Teaching Some and Any in a Fun Way

Creative activities and online tools to liven grammar lessons on tricky indefinite pronouns.

How to Teach 'Don't' and 'Doesn't' in a Fun Way

Various game-based activities to teach contractions like matching, fill-in-the-blank stories, songs, crafts and more.

Teaching Adjectives in a Fun and Engaging Way

Several creative ideas for teaching adjectives interactively through games, arts & crafts, music and stories.

To Be Verb Charades

Students act out scenes using forms of 'to be' for classmates to guess.

How to Teach Telling Time in a Fun Way

Creative ways to teach telling time like clock manipulatives, apps, bingo, charades and incorporating into daily routines.

Adverbials of Time Bingo

Playing bingo to identify time words on their board from called sentences.

Teaching the Future Tense in a Fun and Engaging Way

Creative techniques to teach future tense like Total Physical Response activities, crafts, games, roleplaying and technology integration.

Teaching Simple Present and Present Progressive in a Fun Way

Providing creative activities to teach common grammar tenses simply and engagingly.

Past Perfect Progressive Jeopardy Game

Students answer questions to practice tense formed with had been verb+ing

Teaching the Future Perfect Tense Through Interactive Games

Use Kahoot, Quizlet and other online games to review future perfect verb forms and sentence structures.

How to Teach Simple Past Irregular Verbs in a Fun Way

Includes physical activities, crafts, games and word walls to make learning irregular verbs engaging and fun.

Teaching A vs An in a Fun Way

Using games and activities to teach students when to use 'a' and 'an' in a memorable way.

How to Teach Conditional Sentences Type 1 in a Fun Way

Engaging ideas for teaching real conditionals like games, acting, puzzles and songs to help students grasp and review the grammar concept.

How to Teach He, She & It in a Fun Way

Act out pronouns while classmates guess which one.

Teaching Adverbs of Frequency in a Fun Way

Provides ideas for interactive games like bingo and charades to teach adverbs of frequency.

Teach Present Progressive in an Engaging Way

Fun games and interactive activities to reinforce the present progressive tense.

Grammar Games to Teach Will-Future Tense

Use games like Future Bingo and Future Charades to make learning will-future grammar fun and engaging for students.

How to Teach Adverbs in a Fun Way

Creative ideas like charades, games, charts and poems to engage students and help them grasp adverbs.

How to Teach Much vs Many in a Fun Way

Hands-on games and activities to help students grasp the difference between much and many.

Fun Activities for Teaching Do vs Does

Ways to teach do and does grammar concept interactively using games, worksheets, and technology