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Teaching Ideas

The simple past tense can be tricky for students to grasp at first. That's why it's important to teach it in engaging and interactive ways. Here are some fun simple past activities to liven up your grammar lessons.

Simple Past Games

Turn learning simple past into a game with these activities:

  • Simple past tennis - Volley past tense verbs back and forth. Great for a pair activity!
  • Running dictation - Post simple past sentences around the room. Students run to read them and reconstruct the text.
  • Past tense Tic Tac Toe - Students take turns choosing a verb and using it correctly in a sentence to get 3 in a row.

Simple Past Crafts

Get creative with simple past crafts:

  • Comic strips - Have students draw a 3-6 panel comic using past tense verbs.
  • Paper chain timeline - Write past events on strips of paper and link into a paper chain.
  • Dioramas - Have students build a diorama and write about what happened in the scene.

Simple Past Stories

Storytelling is a foolproof way to practice simple past:

  • Class story - Go around the room adding sentences to a silly class story using past tense.
  • Picture prompts - Give students a picture and have them write a story about what happened.
  • Past tense plays - Turn a story into a script and act it out!

Simple Past Learning Stations

Set up stations for interactive simple past practice:

  • Flashcard match - Students match past tense verbs to infinitive verbs.
  • Memory - Make pairs of cards with infinitives and past tense forms.
  • Board race - Two teams race to conjugate verbs on the board.
  • Scoot - Students scoot around the room solving past tense puzzles.


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