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Teaching Ideas

The past perfect progressive tense can be tricky for students to grasp, but teaching it does not have to be boring! With a bit of creativity, you can design engaging activities that will help students master this tense while having fun at the same time. Here are some ideas for teaching past perfect progressive in an interactive, hands-on way.

Past Perfect Progressive Games

Turn learning the past perfect progressive into a game by creating a relay race or board game that incorporates example sentences and timelines. Have students roll a dice and move along spaces containing prompts like "Before , we " or scrambled timeline events they must put in order using the past perfect progressive. The first team to construct correctly structured sentences wins.

Interactive Past Perfect Progressive Activities

Use digital tools like Padlet to create collaborative timelines where students post events in the relative past perfect progressive. Seeing the visual timeline come together reinforces the ordering of events. You can also have students roleplay scenes using this tense or contribute to a shared story where each student writes one paragraph at a time using past perfect progressive.

Past Perfect Progressive Worksheets and Exercises

Have students complete sentences, fill in blanks, or match example sentences to pictures illustrating the actions on printable worksheets. Or use tools like Wordwall to design interactive online activities like sorting sentences into the correct chronological order based on the past perfect progressive verbs. Include answer keys to provide instant feedback.

Hands-On Past Perfect Progressive Activities

Incorporate tactile elements into your lesson with manipulatives like pipe cleaners that represent the ongoing nature of the verbs. Have students bend them into loops to symbolize the continuity of the action before another event occurred. Or use props and roleplay to act out example sentences.

Past Perfect Progressive Games like Jeopardy

Games like Jeopardy make learning the past perfect progressive tense fun and low-risk. Use JeopardyLabs to create a customized gameboard with point values and categories related to the past perfect progressive. Form teams and have students answer questions to demonstrate their understanding in order to earn points.

Keeping students engaged with interactive, hands-on activities can help them grasp the nuances of the past perfect progressive tense. Technology like Padlet, Wordwall, and JeopardyLabs enables you to easily create fun lessons that will reinforce their learning while holding their interest. If you need more teaching tools and content, check out to-teach to generate engaging exercises, worksheets and lesson plans adapted to your students' needs and interests. With creativity and the help of AI, teaching past perfect progressive can be enjoyable for both you and your students!

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